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Inmaculada Ferriol (CRAG Postdoc)

Igor Florez Sarasa (CRAG Postdoc)

Jordi Moreno (CRAG Postdoc)

Jordi Perez (CRAG Postdoc)

Andrea Giordano (CRAG Postdoc)

Trine Andersen (CRAG Postdoc)


The organizing committee wants to thank to the following people for their valuable contribution in organizing this meeting:

-CRAG director José Luis Riechmann and administrative personnel Maite Iriarte, Zoila Babot and Margalida Martí

-CRAG postdocs Belén Moro, María Águila Ruiz and Bin Liu

-JIC members Angela Payne and Christopher Darby

-JIC postdocs and PhD students Beatriz Pinto-Goncalves, Adam Gauley, Jo Hepworth, Nicola Capstaff

-MPIPZ postdocs Elisa Garcia Garcia and Paloma Duran



Julia Zinsmeister (CRAG Postdoc)

Aditi Gupta (CRAG Postdoc)

Maria Aguila Ruiz Sola (CRAG Postdoc)

Igor Florez Sarasa (CRAG Postdoc)

Manisha Sharma (CRAG Postdoc)

Tamara Jimenez (CRAG Postdoc)